COBALT holds tight to two guiding principles:
  1. If you're going to spend a lot of time and money engineering the next great thing, take a moment and do a little work to ensure somebody will care… We used to get a lot of customers who recently spent a couple of million dollars doing really good engineering on the wrong product. In some cases they were willing to spend a lot of money with us to design the wrong product. But working hard on a product that won't hit the mark is not very fulfilling. That's why we developed a Opportunity PrototypingSM to help our clients stress test the product ideas so they can task us with developing products their target market will appreciate – products that will make a difference.
  2. Bring together the right people with the experience, skills and creativity to accomplish the goal…
    It takes many different skillsets to bring a new product to market. Maybe if you are known by two initials like GE or HP, you have all those skillsets in-house – but probably not. And neither do we. What we do have is a very close nit network of service companies, manufacturers and distributors we've worked with time and again and who know how to do their part to bring a product to market.